Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Machine Embroidery


The embroidery machine is a series of points that are performed automatically by the machine
home or by an embroidery machine semi-professional or industrial.But what makes the difference between a fine embroidery and a series of points? The variables are many andI'll try to explain it to you:

  • Digitisation: A lot depends on this, who digit a design must take into account the type of the head where the embroidery is executed. An embroidery which apparently is the same on a T-shirt and a jacket, it will not be in the process of creation (change variables such as stitching / basting stitch density and compensation). Must take into account the overlaps between color changes, knotting, stitch direction, but I will speak later.
  •  Stabiliser: There are hundreds of types of stabiliser and each serves for a type of head, by type of embroidery and sometimes also changes depending on the type of frame you intend to do.
  •  Wire: Embroidery will be different if done with Rayon / Viscose, Polyester, cotton, etc..
  •  Voltages thread the machine.
  •  Type of mounted needle and needle mounted life
  •  Casing
  •  Type of tissue that goes to embroider.

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