Monday, 1 July 2013

Beautiful Embroidery

Cross stitch, cutwork, pillow, stem stitch, are just some of the terms that define an art very charming, that embroidery!

Embroidery is an ancient art, in fact, were found decorative strips dating back to centuries before Christ.

It consisted of drawings on textiles, was done exclusively by women and was the easiest way to embellish and customize clothing. The word embroidery, in fact, derives from 'raqm Arabic, which means "sign, drawing."

At times, the work required was simple, it was to make some simple edges, but other times the work was much more complex, and the skilled hands of the embroiderer, gave birth to the complicated motifs straw, or floral motifs.

The work was done on a frame, on which it was placed, very carefully, the fabric to be embroidered (tablecloths, sheets, bedspreads etc ...) and with a needle and a thread, this gave rise to masterpieces!

This activity is still practiced today and generally develops as craft work (rare and very expensive), or hobby spread all over the world. See more at

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